Sunday, 20 December 2009

Twenty Seven

A chilled winters day that is bright and yet freezing.
The arthritic joints are aching and seizing.
Who do you think of when it starts to get cold?
A friend who's unsteady, a neighbour just old?

For most of us snowfall is nothing but fun,
but stop and just think, Is there someone?
For you, no obstacle, the frozen footpath,
For them, the broken limbs, are not such a laugh.

With salt or with shovel it's not such a chore,
To clear a safe path to a good neighbour's door.
The effort and time that's expended by you,
May show to some others the right thing to do?


  1. Label=Poetry Poem Bad. Nope disagree. The poet here is my hero for helping the elderly. I would do the same, but no snow in Florida. xo

  2. I like this. wish many thought as you do.