Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Thirty Nine

Hinkley Point is a Nuclear Station,
Feeding us what we require.
But how do we all get this power?
It's sent to us on a wire.

"So what?" It's just a little string?
Just wire with a little core?
Sorry, but to get to Avonmouth,
Electricity creates Eyesore!

My home is in a valley,
With wooded slopes and hills.
The thought of all these pylons,
gives me nausea and chills!

(In tribute to....



  1. Lovely Mr/Ms Poet - may we link to this from the Save Our Valley website or even post your poem on the site? If so pse could you let us know at SaveOurValleyBS48@yahoo.co.uk

    With thanks, Sue.

  2. Thank you http://www.save-our-valley.co.uk/ for linking to this poem.