Sunday, 27 December 2009

Sixty Seven

Cats and Dogs are not different sides.
How they behave, the owner decides!
Live in peace they really can,
Simply ask Cesar Milan!


  1. Question: Any particular reason why your poems are named with numbers? I think a fun part of the creative process would be coming up with names. The names don't even necessarily need to relate to the subject matter. The few poems I've read are good. They seem simple, but have a deeper meaning.

  2. Thank you for the question. When I started this I wanted to give them all clever and exciting titles. However, as soon as started I became more obsessed with the titles than the content, and started to change the content to match Titles that pleased me. The content actually suffered because of the title. I have thrown the titles open to anyone who reads this. Feel free to suggest some!

    PS "They seem simple, but have a deeper meaning." Is possibly the best compliment you could have given me. Thank you!

  3. I could get along with doggies (if they gave me tuna fishies!)

    I like your poem!