Thursday, 31 December 2009

Seventy Three

There is a pressure,
Pressing down on me.
From suspicion,
To Fact.
I wish,
I could,
But we all
Simply retract!

Seventy Two

This tree looks on Fire/
Or is it just Autumn Time?/
How do we compare?

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Seventy One

I think there is something wrong,
With what most of us do.
How often in a day,
Do you simply say "Thank You"?

"Manners cost nothing",
I'm sure you've heard before,
But really using manners,
Opens a different door.

People look at you,
in a very different way.
If as you pass you wish them all,
"Have an amazing day!"

Tuesday, 29 December 2009


The whole world is a war zone.
With killing all around.
Death is all about us,
both above and under ground.

Monday, 28 December 2009

Seventy (NOT MINE)

This is what I dream of one day being able to construct....

Post Christmas time lets hope your fears
Were brought to nought, with no shed tears.
For gifts were given with love I'm sure
And accepted the same by you and yours.

Sixty Nine

The title should be fun enough,
For Comedy, I add the word Muff!

Sixty Eight

There is a Lady
who owns my thoughts,
She makes me feel
I accomplish nought.

But still, in another way,
I couldn't live without,
she always enlivens me.
fills my world with doubt.

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Sixty Seven

Cats and Dogs are not different sides.
How they behave, the owner decides!
Live in peace they really can,
Simply ask Cesar Milan!

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Sixty Six

I don't celebrate New Year,
I celebrate New Day!
Each and every day is special.
Live it, that way!

Sixty Five. (Now a Poem, And a plea)

This is a plea for comments,
If you hate it, I want to know.
If all comments are good,
They just inflate Ego!

I've made a pledge "Never Delete",
a poem from on this site
But, Some, I will Edit them.
To try to polish shite!

PS, If you would like to suggest titles instead of numbers feel free, I will add the best suggestions to the numbers.

Sixty Four

Where would we be without Television?
Forced to make our own decision,
Of what we want to do?

Instead of only sitting and watching,
Other plans could be hatching,
Of what we want to do?

The Tv shows us many choices,
But do we have our own voices?
Of what we want to do?

To be outdoors with Friendly faces,
Exploring new and exciting places.
That's what I want to do!

Friday, 25 December 2009

Sixty Three

I know a girl called Madison Jane,
She fills my world with Joy.
But when she was just a bump,
I wished she was a Boy.

Now I see my amazing Niece,
The "Boy" thing gives me guilt.
Yet still, and also, to my relief,
A relationship has been built.

She lets me know what life can be.
In everything there can be fun.
(You can also sleep anytime,
As long as you've got your Bunn)

Sixty Two

This day is for the children,
And I'm a grown up kid,
but when it gets to bedtime,
Farewell this day I bid!

Sixty One

Is there anything better than a cuddle?
Or even just a hug?
Nothing is more likely to put a smile,
On this persons ugly mug!


The festive day is almost over,
I'm full of Christmas cheer.
But I really just can't wait,
'Til boxing day is here!

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Fifty Nine

I'm sorry.
I simply can't stop.

I'll try to write poems,
Til my brain goes POP!

Fifty Eight

In my world it feels like,
There is some kind of void.
I simply try to fill it,
but then just get annoyed.

Do you know, How to join me?
Do you look on and quake in fear?
Or is the void who you are?
Your Heart, Your compassionate ear?

Fifty Seven

They will hate it all, everything I give.
They will grin and bare it. It's how we live.
I will pretend to all, I love my gifts.
They will know I'm nothing but a spend thrift.

Fifty Six

My Dad is who I look up to,
He's taught me so many things.
To know him is better than Red Bull,
His humour gives me wings!

Fifty Five

I have a list of all my dreams.
I tick them off one by one.
It's better than a list of things,
I wish, or should, have done.

Fifty Four

Happy is a state of mind.
You can choose to be this way!
Just stop and think about it.
What made me happy today?

Fifty Three

Christmas is, again, upon us,
I should really greet it with joy.
The best that I can wish for,
Is a shiny new gadget or toy!

Fifty Two

Six of you now follow my stuff?
I worry, Is my talent enough?
All I do is spew out my brain,
To prevent me from going insane!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Fifty One

I know most of this is bad.
You probably wince in pain.
Think yourself lucky,
I'm not "Chocolate Rain"



I try to Rhyme.
For The Fiftieth time.
My face goes pale,
As I realise I fail.


Oh No I didn't.
(Oh Yes you did!)
Who am I trying to kid?

Forty Nine

Science Fiction or Science Fact?
Time will tell!

Forty Eight

To Me, Music does a strange thing.
(No it doesn't make me sing)
It takes me away to another place,
When I'm sad, puts a smile on my face.

Forty Seven

The Cyber World is a strange place,
Never a need to show your face,
Yet also strangely personal,
You bare your soul, reveal it all?

Forty Six

The snow fell down,
A lovely spread!
I didn't even,
fall on my head.

Then it melted,
a little bit.
Of course I fell,
Ass over Tit!

It froze again,
I was OK.
Am I out tonight?
I say "No Way!"

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Forty Five

Please post a "Comment" on what I have done.
I honestly won't take it as a big shun.
Using you as my poetry Vetter,
Will make my poetry so much better!

Forty Four

I may be Secret, I may be Shy,
Yet I'm still here to ask you why?
You are still here to read my shite,
And I',m still here to write, write, write!

Forty Three

Animals can be the best of friends.
They know devotion that never ends.
But from under the duvet, leave they must,
When I do a big bottom gust!

Forty Two

I encourage comments. Really, I do!
A third of why I do it is opinions from YOU!
The other two thirds are my own satisfaction,
Don't mean to be rude but It's word masturbation.

Forty One

The rules are set in the bee hive.
They struggle, like us, to survive.
Think about the benefits.
Pollen's more important than website hits!


Mother is such a simple word.
It warms the heart, whenever heard.
Yet when I hear the word "Father"
Any topic I would rather.

I have a Dad who taught me well.
On his word, i Always dwell.
My love for him could not be more,
He opened up the poetry door.

Thirty Nine

Hinkley Point is a Nuclear Station,
Feeding us what we require.
But how do we all get this power?
It's sent to us on a wire.

"So what?" It's just a little string?
Just wire with a little core?
Sorry, but to get to Avonmouth,
Electricity creates Eyesore!

My home is in a valley,
With wooded slopes and hills.
The thought of all these pylons,
gives me nausea and chills!

(In tribute to....


Thirty Eight

My TV has no Off switch,
I sh*t you not, it's true.
So when they say "No Standby!"
My response is just "F*ck You!"

I try my best at "Eco"
I do my little bit,
They try and make me guilty?
I tell them "Go eat Sh*t!"

Thirty Seven

Followers are Four!
How did I get that one more?
Slip in, in the snow?

Thirty Six

I wonder who you call a Friend?
Does it match the thoughts of me?
Someone who stays in your life,
and helps you to be free?

No matter if you are a fool,
and embarrass them to death.
You know that they will stand by you,
Until the final breath.

But somehow it seems more than that.
It must work both ways round,
A friend is also somebody,
Your love for should abound.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Thirty Five

I want to stay secret.
If everyone knew,
the laughing from "Friends"
You know what they'd do!

Yet sometimes it differs,
I want to shout loud,
"I AM a Poet!"
One day I'll be proud.

Thirty Four

These words that I write,
I write them for me.
I know that there are,
Many others that see.
Yet to me all I have,
are these words on a page,
my life, my world,
my different age.

Thirty Three

As you can see, I'm not a poet,
Don't be shy, We both so know it!
But I enjoy this thing I do,
You're reading this,
So, So do you?

Thirty Two

And Now I have a follower Three!
Thank you, for joining me.
I may be mental, out of my mind,
or may be the voice, of mankind.

What you hear is what you get,
What I type I don't regret.
But if you think that i'm too shallow,
Do not hesitate to unfollow!

Thirty One

I thought this could be the worst thing I Do,
but in some strange way my followers are TWO!
I thank you both for the click devotion,
And that is honest, a real emotion.


Thirty, Rhymes with, Dirty.

What is a poem?

You may wear Fcuk if adult words make you sick.

This is a POEM?

Twenty Nine

An Aquarium is a wonderful thing,
Like keeping birds that can never sing.
They fly away in the H2o,
Dreaming of where the Real Birds go.

Twenty Eight

They say age is nothing but a number,
They say a forest is nothing but lumber,
They say we choose our own destiny,
They say too much, It's not for me!

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Twenty Seven

A chilled winters day that is bright and yet freezing.
The arthritic joints are aching and seizing.
Who do you think of when it starts to get cold?
A friend who's unsteady, a neighbour just old?

For most of us snowfall is nothing but fun,
but stop and just think, Is there someone?
For you, no obstacle, the frozen footpath,
For them, the broken limbs, are not such a laugh.

With salt or with shovel it's not such a chore,
To clear a safe path to a good neighbour's door.
The effort and time that's expended by you,
May show to some others the right thing to do?

Twenty Six

I hope my ramblings on here don't bore you,
Offend you, repel you or like a bull, gore you,
but now I've started I really can't stop.
I'm You're very own personal poetry shop.
The only difference the shop and me,
You get to read my mind for free!

Friday, 18 December 2009

Twenty Five

My world is so different from all of the others.
Yet online I feel I have brothers,
I walk in a place with no destination,
yet you look on with some fascination.
Maybe there is a way to be better?
I will try it on here, letter by letter.

Twenty Four

Kermit is so Green and small,
With slap, Miss Piggy makes him fall.
It really must hurt his face,
But oh, to be in his place!

Twenty Three

Words are such amazing things,
Some make you cry some make you sing.
I just wish I could use them better,
some days they're just a string of letters.

Twenty Two

I really yearn to travel the world,
To greet Mother Earth, Her treasures unfurled.
To stray through a woodland, that even smells green,
To trek across desert, with dangers unseen.

Yet here I sit in my one bedroom flat,
My only companions, my adorable cats,
Dreaming of a world that could be.
The only person that can make it is me!

Thursday, 17 December 2009


I try to be good,
But get misunderstood.
Give me a hand,
If you understand?



My world gets smaller by the day,
And no, I really am not Gay.

You keep on asking.
I'm even bad at multitasking!


In Vietnam they were Nineteen.



That is all.


Florida sounds like an amazing place,
If only I could show my face.
United states have such appeal,
I wish you knew how I feel!


As the world closes in,
I wonder where to begin?
Is really this the start?
Am I from the heart?


At sixteen you are sexually legal.
65 means you are pensionable.
18 means vote and drink.
Let me just stop and think.


Taste and food can be an issue,
and "Healthy?" I disregard you!
Meat is there to be eaten,
The taste of it just can't be beaten!


The Word "Pet" Irks me slightly,
Animal Friends, lift me nightly!
I may be more clever,
But I will love them forever!


If there was a plug in my head,
Would it fill you with dread?
The information highway,
Done in my way?

Connected up so intimately,
would that finally set me free?
Or would it be a waking nightmare,
you don't want to go there?


If a glass is made of plastic, is it still a Glass?
And does who you ask, depend on class?
Middle England may say,
"Get the horrid thing AWAY!"


I live my life day after day.
It can be, no other way.
Maybe not what you would do,
With the foot on the other shoe,
but then think of the other choice,
A lonely life with no voice.
The web may be a big distraction
but it improves my life by a small fraction.

"The Internet will corrupt your soul!"
They said that about Rock and Roll!
I choose to let Net set me free.
So on here I can be only ME!


With how many countries are we at war?
Just Afghanistan or is it more?
"Peace Keeping" you say we do,
But does that sound right to you?

"The Taliban are the Devil's spawn"
Yet from a human mother born,
Human is Human, That's what I say,
Please can we find another way?

They kill us to live in peace,
We'll kill them until they cease.
We may not have the same idea,
but do we have to live in fear?


Now that Christmas is nearly here,
I'm supposed to be full of cheer.
Make it seem that all is fine,
pretend I like to drink mulled wine.

I may be just a little jaded,
but oh, this year, my spirit's faded.
I can't sum up a festive spirit.
To put it simply, my heart's not in it.

Wednesday, 16 December 2009


There are many ways to live your life.
All have Trouble, some have strife.

There are things you say, and things you do,
But who will live those things with you?

It cuts through most men like a knife,
But he knows that what he needs is...

A wife!


Am I doing Right?
Who decides what my Right is?
Is there a Right Choice?


I'm simply using this as a tool,
To stop me looking such a fool.

Never mind being rated,
my poetry will always be hated!

If Twitter were to see this.
Nothing but Diss, Diss, Diss!

Totally self indulgent,
You probably find repugnant...

This is me.

It sets me free!


The world around you doesn't have to be Bad.
You can choose to be, happy or Sad!

You have lived a Day today,
It has led you on your way,
It may be that there was no fun,
Yet you woke to meet the Sun!

There must be a small good thought,
In what today has brought,
Even just some little pleasure?
Something you could call leisure?


If Humans were Cats, Who would we Lick?
I know some of the options will bring on the sick,
But, if your boss gave you no choice,
would you be brave enough to use your voice!


How did we live without mobile phones?
Before, we were restricted to our homes!
Now we feel we are free,
For an exorbitant monthly fee!


I smoke and I drink.
It changes how I think.
But is it bad?
It doesn't make me Sad?


This is just a place for me to spew out my brain,
Hopefully it will help keep me sane.....