Thursday, 20 May 2010

One Hundred and Twenty Seven

Upon my pillow I turn my head,
On to which my tears are shed.
Lovingly, to my surprise,
You are there to kiss my eyes.

Seeing you are really there,
lets me know how much you care.
You must have been there all the night,
Wondering about my plight.

If every night were the same,
I could live without my shame.
You could tell me all 'bout that,
If only you weren't my pet cat!


  1. Thank you FCL. I am almost proud of this one. x

  2. That was GREAT! You should be proud of it.

  3. proud you should be. We have two cats and a dog, my cat licks more than my dog. . . not eyelids though! love to read, keep it up x paddy

  4. Beautiful....I like your work alot;-)

    peace and blessings to you.