Saturday, 1 May 2010

One Hundred and Twelve

To look, to see, to live, to BE,
To dream, to imagine, what is ME?
To hurt, to feel, to hope in vain,
To know the joy, I feel the pain?


  1. Very good! You've captured the age-old questions and the feelings behind them most succinctly.

  2. Thank You Lizzy. Your words make me believe in myself!

  3. I had to comment again because you don't give yourself enough credit. Your poetry makes one stop and think. Whoever you are, I like your style. Don't know if my first comment took, doesn't appear that it did. Anyway, it basically said "very well said."

  4. I agree with Mario! I enjoy your poetry very much! Thanks so much for writing it, and sharing it with us!

  5. Thank You both Mario and Danapixie, Your comments give me the confidence to write more! x